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Why TricksParty.com ?
For many years, freestyle kiting becomes more and more developed in European countries and in the world. R-Sky, kite manufacturer, decided to create in 1999 a new competition format. It received a great welcome from both pilots and festivals organizers.
Today, after four seasons, pilot level greatly increases, some news pairs have born and present great performances, the team category has been added to the competition for a better show.

On this website, you will find all the information required to learn and understand what is the Tricks party and freestyle kiting. This promoting and communication tool is available for all those, like us, that would like to expand this kind of competition all over the world. Please, send us your own schedule, results and your pictures, we will publish them on the site.
The freestyle is developing and it is time to associate each other for an uniformisation of names and rules. Some countries use the name TricksParty for their own freestyle's competitions but not the original rules.

The main goal is to create in coming years international competitions and, why not, a European or World Freestyle Cup. We have now pilots and judges to do so.
A representative per country may be elected to facilitate relationship and judges formations. Our staff has been formed in France and may go abroad to train new judges. This competition format is not a difficult one, but required a bit of comprehension. Some principles are essential like the respect of the work from others and judge training for each new trick added in the beginning of the season.

The use of name and rules are subject to the agreement of their creator and owner: Sylvie and Roger Tessa-Gambassi.